Products that last a lifetime begin with high quality wood. We consider wood to be of this stature when it is harvested from trees that have lived for about one hundred years Additionally, the type of trees used also plays an important role in quality. At MOQU, we are proud to select wood only from trees that are cultivated in Japan.

Our products are made in the mountains of Hida, Japan, where the woodcraft heritage has existed for over 1,300 years. For generations, these Japanese craftsmen have found innovative uses for complex joineries called Arizan (ありざん) in architecture, furniture and home goods. Building upon this craftsmanship, we have developed new forms of complex joineries that push the Arizan technique to the next level. Our patent pending joinery connects wood together by exposing only the side of the “dovetail” but not top, thereby creating a seamless appearance to the module.

We believe as furniture designers we should construct high quality and timeless products that last a lifetime, not only in physical form but also in terms of design, function and aesthetics. With our innovative design and process, we aim to combine durable style and comfort for everyday modern living.